Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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Introduction to Biblical Therapy - Please read this first

The Bible and Divorce - Does divorce create adultery?
The Bible Applies to Everybody But Me - An essay on Self-worth
Christian Giving - Treasure or Trap? - What exactly are 'blessings?'
Depression - Medication - Should you or should you not?
Depression - The Way Out - How do I receive the abundant joy God has promised me?
The Devil, Your Adversary - The devil and your mental health.
Do You Wish to Get Well? - What bad habits are you holding on to?
Envy vs Coveting - What's the difference? Why do I care?
For That Special Child - To those who love the Mentally Retarded
Forgiveness - How to forgive when you REALLY don't want to
Fruit of the Spirit - What it (not they) really is
God - The Cosmic Kill-Joy - How to read the Bible and love God
The Gospel of Jesus Christ - How are we saved?
I'm a New Christian - Now What? - The next steps in your new faith.
Is Christian Therapy Biblical? - How does Christ see Therapy?
Is God Punishing Me? - Is it Punishment or Discipline or what? When will it end?
Greek or English? - Do you really need the Greek to get it?
Jesus Crucified - Why do I care?
Jesus - God of Dead Things - What needs resurrection in your life?
Jesus my Friend - God loves me, but does He like me?
Jesus False Prophet - Do you believe Jesus is dead? Ponder this.
Jesus in the Old Testament - The ultimate "treasure hunt."
Jesus, You let us down! - Unfulfilled expectations.
Judging others - A Mental Health perspective.
Making Peace with Your Pain - Finding purpose in daily living.
Memorizing Scripture and Self-Esteem - What "Esteem" does God want you to have? (Check out the Scientific American article on The Myth of Self-Esteem here).
My Struggles Are About Him - Max Lucado
Nuggets and Pearls - Single verses that can change your life
Ruth - A Great Fertility Story - Finding peace in the pain of infertility
Who Am I In Christ? - What does God see when He sees me?
Who Are You? - How do you see youself? Who do you see yourself to be?
Why Do We Worship God? - The Mental Health of Worship
Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering? - God tells you why


At March 09, 2012 5:56 PM, Blogger anonymousch said...


Please change your direction on defining what depression is. It does not indicate a spiritual maturity or sin issue. It is a real disease that many millions of people suffer from.

Please stop stigmatizing people who suffer from it and stop repressing them down into a second-class status within he church, where everyone looks upon these people with suspicion while constantly inflicting humiliating and patronizing treatment upon them as if the condition is their fault.

The entire church needs to reform its ideas about depression toward a much more practical, modern understanding, and stop making use of the foisted, prejudicial methods that an archaic, very perverted and selective understanding of the bible gives them.


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