Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Reviews and Links

I have been invited to put a book review on my site, and after having read the book, I have decided to do so. As a matter of fact, this post is the beginning of a "Reviews and Links" post that I will use to redirect people to sites, books, articles, etc, that I believe fit into the Biblical Therapy model and theme, and that I believe exemplify the message I'm trying to get across to my readers. I will be posting them in alphabetical order initially, but as the list grows, I will have to organize them differently. I'm going to play that by ear.

I will be making no money whatsoever for these reviews or endorsements. My willingness to post items here is strictly for the benefit of those who are led to this page. Here goes...

Total Heart Health for Women by Ed & Jo Beth Young, Michael Duncan, M.D., and Richard Leachman, M.D. - This is a wonderful little book, easy to read, a good book for beginners in either physical or spiritual 'heart health' issues. Written by a Pastor and his wife, as well as two heart doctors, it gently goes back and forth between your physical heart, discussing food and exercise, and your spiritual heart, helping you learn how to connect with God through prayer, bible reading, fellowship, and service. The discussions about food and exercise are comprehensive, and yet "bottom shelf" explanations of how food works in your body, including body mass index, basic metabolism rate, calories, good and bad fats, good and bad carbs, basic nutrition facts, the new glycemic index issues, and even gives a beginning meal plan. The material is easy to understand and easy to apply to your life. They also give an explanation of different kinds of exercise, how it affects different parts of your body, and how you can incorporate it into your life for maximum benefit. Finally, it gives the reader a 90-day challenge to change their lives. Since so much of emotional and mental health is wrapped up in physical and spirital health, I heartily endorse this book, and encourage my readers to buy it, read it, and 'take it to heart.' If you do, your lives will absolutely be transformed. God bless, Sue


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